Publisher, filmmaker and lecturer

Eiji is a Japanese media producer and the creator of a highly acclaimed biography-like Manga series, which has been published in 10 languages and in over 25 countries. The graphic novel series covers the lives of important figures and includes biographies of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. Some of his books are used as text books to preserve Tibetan culture and Buddhist traditions in Tibetan schools across India and Nepal.

Eiji recently finished producing a feature-length documentary film on happiness entitled ‘HAPPY’. He traveled all over the world with academy-nominated film director, Roko Belic, and interviewed the brightest minds in psychology, neuro-science, philosophy and spirituality; as they looked deep into what makes people genuinely happy. ‘HAPPY’ has become the #1 documentary on iTunes in USA/Canada/Australia, and has been used as educational material at some of the leading psychology institutes.

The quest for genuine happiness has changed Eiji’s life profoundly. He is now a passionate meditator with a Positive Psychology certification. Together with researchers, Eiji develops and delivers empirically validated mindfulness-based programs, which is uniquely innovative and even entertaining; in order to enhance well-being and emotional balance of participants in conferences and seminars internationally.  He is also initiated as a Yamabushi, and practices Shugendō (a syncretistic Japanese Buddhist tradition of mountain ascetic practices).

Eiji and his latest project have also chosen into the TED Residency, Fall 2017.